Hair Extension Information

Here is everything you need to know about the hair extensions we offer in the salon.

Flat Keratin Bonds

This is the most popular method & all round versatile to cater to most hair types. The hair is pre-tipped with Keratin (protein) which is what our Hair (& nails) is made of. A lot of people confuse Keratin Bonds to “glue ins” but let me assure you there is no form of “glue” or “adhesive” present in our Keratin bonds. Glue needs to be removed using acetone which is used to remove acrylic, glue & other substances. Keratin is a natural product found in many things & is very easily removed by an experienced hair extension technician. The hair is taken in small sections where the bond is placed on top of the hair it is about to be fused with. Using a proper hair extension connector the hair is then broken down into a smaller form & enveloped around the hair sealing it into place neatly & firmly. The extension at first will sit slightly out from the head until they have settled in (within 48 hours) until the hair lays flat against the head. After that aftercare should be followed & will be given/advised at fitting.

Weave (Braid less method)

The braid less weave is a great method for adding length & thickness to hair which is lacking in either of these things. Or if your hair is really thick you may need this method to pad out the hair ensuring you get the most natural finish possible. Not suited to all hair types there are still many benefits to having a weave. The hair has more volume, it adds shape to the hair which it may be lacking, it boasts lots of body & movement with the flexibility of still being able to manipulate your hairs style. Hair is re-usable and can be re-applied. Using link attachments, these are placed onto the hair. The hair is threaded through the link and sealed using a professional hair extension clamp tool. Once this is done the weft is then measured to size and sewn around the links. This gives the hair more movement in order to still wear it up or down. This is a lot more safe as opposed to the braided method in our opinion as the braid is too stiff against the hair & doesn’t have much room for movement. One wrong move in your aftercare with the normal braided weave & your hair could be compromised significantly where as using this braid less method there is no room for error

Nanos / Links / Locks

These methods are all similar and most suited to those with fine hair. All hair is re-usable & can last for over their natural life span if aftercare is followed. The nanos/links/locks are threaded attached to the hair by threading the hair through the attachment, the extension is then placed inside the attachment then sealed using a professional hair extension clamp. These should be in for an average of 4 months before being removed. They have a similar finish to the Flat Keratin bonds but without the use of heat are not fused to the hair therefore not weighing fine hair down meaning it can last a bit longer. If you plan on re-using the hair it is important to make sure you keep hold of the individual strands for refits. You will loose some extensions along the way as it is only natural so do not panic if some extensions disappear from your hair as this is completely normal. Naturally we shed 100 hairs a day so it is inevitable that hair extensions will be no different as when they are attached to your hair, if the hair is going, its gone & that is ok.