Hair Extension Aftercare

The Do’s

  • Washing hair must be kept to a maximum of twice a week.
  • You must ensure you brush & detangle Hair Before & After washing.
  • It is advised that you use Low Sodium/Sulphate free Shampoo & Conditioner (products recommended by stylist)
  • Use a conditioning mask weekly to help keep extensions soft, healthy & tangle free.
  • When washing do so in a flat motion and smooth products in downwards direction of the extensions.
  • Always rough dry hair extensions to avoid tangling before blow drying.
  • It is recommended you use a serum or leave in treatment on your extensions.
  • Make sure to visit the salon every 8 weeks for maintenance check ups.
  • Remember to brush extensions every day from the ends working your way to the top.
  • Ensure you always separate extensions with your fingers & brush gently in at the roots everyday to avoid matting.

The Don’ts

  • Do not go to bed with wet hair.
  • Avoid Salt / Chlorine water as this can dry & discolour extensions.
  • Do not over style hair (excess straightening, curling, blow drying etc. can dry extensions & cause breakage)
  • Keep conditioners and treatments away from the top of hair extensions as this can make them become loose and not last as long.
  • Do not crimp, backcomb, perm, colour, or chemically straighten hair extensions.
  • Do not attempt to cut or remove hair extensions by yourself.
  • Do not allow hair extensions to become matted.
  • Do not miss maintenance checks.
  • Do not shampoo hair too vigorously as hair can become tangled &
  • knotted.
  • Do not allow Sun bed light to get to extensions (ensure they are covered)
  • Do not use non salon recommended products on hair extensions (they contain incompatible products causing hair to become dry & brittle)
  • Do not seek other Extension technicians advise on hair extensions as all hairs are different & therefore require different aftercare.

First & foremost enjoy your hair extensions. They are a lot of money so don’t scrimp & scrape on products & time. If you do not follow the steps above then problems will arise & we will be able to tell if these steps haven’t been followed.
Please ensure you follow this aftercare as it will determine how long your extensions last. Problems will arise if you do not follow aftercare. Ask myself for any products to recommend. Poor aftercare will incur further charges to hair extensions being maintained or removed.